Testament from Jasper Jude, a former COVID-19 patient

“So to begin with, I want to confirm it to those who still have a notion that Covid is a Government project to attract Donor funds which might be true or not. Those who think Covid is for the rich but in my conclusion irrespective of all factors that you all think of whether rich or poor. is that Covid is real.
Truly I say to you that Covid 19 is real and it’s high time we all take precautions. I don’t say this because I got infected but because I have proved it as a health worker, coz every patient I have attended to and tested positive when a Chest X-Ray or HRCT of the chest is done, they all presented differently from, Pulmonary TB, Pneumonia or any other Radiological pathology. Covid patients have their radiographs or X-ray/CT images present with the ground glass sign far away from that of Miliary TB.
When one gets Covid 19 your body will respond to it depending on your health History; your Immunity, your health status, and History. Those who don’t have any health problems like non- communicable diseases have high chances of surviving but you must feel it in your body therefore I dispute the notion of being Asymptomatic.
One thing that manifests in Covid patients is fever, Chills, and Dry throat that is a must, cough depends on its severity coz for me I didn’t have a severe cough.
The other compulsory symptom is Diarrhea not immediately but in its active phase and some spiking moments of fever. So when you suspect yourself of getting Covid 19 do not only depend on Cough alone it might not be present not unless when it moisten and get into your Lungs and that may now cause Difficulty in breathing and at this stage it becomes fatal.
Those at risk of not surviving Covid 19 are those with low immunity, those with Non- communicable diseases like Asthma there is also a trend in those with Hypertension are not likely to survive Covid attack a scenario that I still don’t understand the relation and such people with underlying health issues must be protected from getting infected with Covid 19. I also can’t guarantee that without underlying health issues you will automatically survive Covid 19.
To be honest with all of you is that there is no medication for Covid 19, when you get isolated there is no specific drug one is given for covid. The only drugs one is prescribed for are Paracetamol for fever, Antihistamine, and maybe antibiotics for any other present infection. For Covid it’s you and your Immunity a lot of cardiac and lung exercise is advised and a lot of cocktail of lemon, ginger garlic in hot water a prescription given to me by my good friend Hon Nicolas Gumbo that seemed to work for me and other patients. The cocktail becomes effective when the virus is still stuck on your Throat so it clears it away.
Therefore I call upon all of us to be cautious, let us not ignore this virus as others do, coz it behaves differently with all of us, it might be fair with me but becomes unfair to you and we eventually lose you.
Jasper Jude, a former COVID-19 patient
Jasper Jude, a former COVID-19 patient
Therefore do not wait for that police officer for you to put on your mask, do not assume that he/she is my friend, relative or entanglement partner and so you can’t put on a mask when interacting without even social Distance, regularly wash your hands do not depend on Sanitizers that much when you can wash your hand.
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Above all, I wanna propose something to all Kenyans. to develop a habit of taking a cocktail of lemon, ginger, garlic in warm water daily before bed for this clears Covid 19 at the throat before it moistens and moves into the lungs coz you never know where you breathed in the virus.
Thank you and may the living God protect us and those infected may He stretch his healing hand upon you and heal you as he Heald me and others.
God Bless Kenya”
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