Kasarani house-help infects husband/wife and son with HIV/AIDS

A woman in Kasarani revealed that her entire family had been infected with HIV/AIDS and the sole culprit was her house help.

The post which was shared by Josephine Wa Kioko commonly known as Aunty Jossie who is a sexologist, a gender health and sexuality teacher says the house help had infected her son with HIV, infected her husband too, who in turn infected her.

So entirely, her entire family is infected.

Here is the narration;

“Tragedy is knowing that the repeated bouts of malaria your 17yr old son has been having is actually HIV. Tragedy is learning that your house gal is the one responsible for your predicament.

Calamity is when you decide to attack the house gal with kicks and blows and she screams at you and says that she has had your husband a million times.

Then, feeling like a zombie, you go to the clinic to have a HIV test because apparently, you have been struggling with an incessant STD. You turn out positive.

My people, this happened in Kasarani estate last night as briefed by a friend in my inbox. Am couselling the lady because she is suicidal.

Let’s pray for this lady. I feel her pain. I need the curfews gone so I can see her ASAP.”

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