Key Evidence Proving That President Ruto Read His Speech From A Teleprompter At The UN General Assembly

President William Samoei Ruto gave one of the most eloquent speeches during the ongoing United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) in the United States.

While at it, what stood out to netizens online was whether president Ruto gave the speech offhead or whether he read it from somewhere. In other words, it was a well thought out speech that majority doubted if the doyen just went to address the world without making any reference.

Consequently, Kenyans especially on Twitter had different views with some claiming that the speech was offhead while others claiming that he was reading it from the teleprompter.

Well, Sonko news has established beyond reasonable doubt that the president was reading the speech from a teleprompter. At all times, Ruto was either facing at the left side or the right side when speaking because those are the two points where the teleprompters were placed. At no point did the president face people straight which should be the case for any speaker addressing the audience without reading. This proves that he was reading out the well written speech and not just speaking from his head.

 A teleprompter is a device that allows the presenter to keep eye contact with the audience while reading the text they need to speak. Using a teleprompter also allows the reader to sound impromptu without the need to cram what they’re going to say.

The president who is supposed to jet back into the country this week focused his address at the UNGA on CLIMATE CHANGE as he advocated for the world nations to come together and face it before it’s too late.

With his particular interest in Agriculture after being sworn in, the head of state recognized how much the sector has been hit globally by this phenomenon, and the need for world leaders to continue with that conversation and find possible solutions for climate change both now and in future.

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