Eli And Litiema: Here Is What Happened To Jalang’o’s Former Employees After Stealing His Millions

It has been two months and a few weeks since Jalang’o’s employees, Morrisson Litiema and Eli Khumundu, stole millions from him and disappeared.

The duo later surrendered and the matter was handled by the police and it seems everything was settled.

In an interview with YouTube content creators Jalang’o said that the two stole a lot of money from him, at the time when he needed money most,  but he forgave them and told them to go on with their lives.

“I found them and it hurts me so much what they are going through, if you can check their Instagram, If I can show the messages they are writing. They betrayed the biggest trust we ever had,” the Lang’ata MP said.

Jalang’o said that the two still want to go back and work for him because currently life is a bit tough on them. The content creators urged him to give them a second chance which he agreed to.

“You have said that I give them a chance? I have heard you,” Jalang’o said.

He also shared one of the messages that Eli had written to him begging him for a second chance.

“Hello sir, I am asking for forgiveness, I regret the big mistake I made. I did intend to steal. We have come from far, our friendship and brotherhood should not end  there please. I am really suffering in Bungoma. Please help me, I will never repeat that,  my children are yet to go back to school. Staying in Nairobi without a job was hard, I hard to go back to the village,” part of Eli’s message read

A spot check on Eli’s Instagram account indicates that he is in his rural home. In some of his posts, he congratulated Jalang’o for winning the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

On the other hand, Litiema has never updated his Instagram account since the theft incident.

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