Drunk Sharon Oparanya Is Not Your Average Woman, She Can Buy Your Whole Village

The court was on Thursday forced to postpone the hearing of one Sharon Oparanya after she showed up to the court more than drunk.

Sharon Oparanya who was arrested today morning over drunk driving could not be tried, forcing the magistrate to order she be detained until she regains soberness before being presented to Court.

According to senior Principal Magistrate Martha Nanzushi, the female motorist was so drunk and intoxicated that she could not engage her. In fact, Sharon Oparanya was even snoring loudly in the court.

“Wait, wait! Why is she snoring in court? Is that someone sleeping in my court?” the principal magistrate posed.

According to the charge sheet filed in court by the Director of Public Prosecutor, the middle aged lady is reported that on September 22, 2022, at 7:35am along Ngong road, being the driver of a motor vehicle registration number KDH 250R make Mercedes-Benz, did drive on a public highway under the influence of alcohol to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the said motor vehicle.

Well, those who know Sharon Oparanya disclosed that she swims in money and is not your ordinary Konyagi woman. By the time of her arrest, she was in a German machine popularly known as the Mercedes Benz. Besides, she was holding a Samsung fold phone which costs more than 200,000 Kenya shillings.

“I see many people mocking this woman lakini they dont know her well. She is a neighbor to my frend and am told she swims in money. Uyo naskianga anaeza nunua shamba yote ya kijini yenu. Sasa wacheni veherehere kwani nanai huwa hakunywi”

Sharon Oparanya will be presented to court most likely tomorrow when she becomes sober.

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