Interesting Details About Col. Timothy Lekolool Who Switched His Loyalty From President Uhuru To Ruto At Kasarani

Brigadier colonel Timothy Lekolool on Tuesday caught many Kenyans off guard after he switched his loyalty from president Uhuru Kenyatta to president elect William Ruto at the Kasarani stadium.

Timothy Lekolool who has been Uhuru’s aide-de-camp for the longest time escorted the outgoing head of state to Kasarani and many did not see it coming that he would switch to Ruto’s side.

Sources have revealed that the move was a standard practice in the transition of power to signify the change of guard. No sooner had president Uhuru transferred instruments of powers such as the constitution to president Ruto than the alert man in white military uniform switched loyalty.

Lt. Lekolool saluted and immediately crossed over and stood behind Ruto who was sworn in at 12:45 pm as Kenya’s fifth president.

Well, Col. Timothy Lekolool is a serious family man that serves in the Kenya navy. His appointment as the aide-de-camp broke the records since at no point was an officer from Kenya navy appointed to that position in the whole of Kenyan history.

Apart from opening doors for and standing behind the president, Mr. Lekolool is tasked with being the protective intelligence agent, static agent, mobile agent, motorcade lead, assistant detail leader, tactical commander, security detail leader and advance lead.

Although he looks innocent, Mr. Lekolool is one lethal man who can repel any kind of threat towards the president. He is equally armed although you will never see his gun protrude in public. He is what others would call a smooth operator and it takes a lot to be appointed to that key position of accompanying the head of state everywhere he goes.

Kenya has had a number of ADC. The late founding father president Jomo Kenyatta had Brigadier Samuel Macharia as his ADC. The same man would later be sourced to serve president Moi from 1978.

Samuel Macharia was later replaced by one Major Ngugi Ikenye, followed by Col (Rtd0 Wilson Boinett, Col (Rtd) Alexander sitienei, Lt Col (Rtd) Jonathan Rono,  Col (Rtd) and Stephen Boiywo.

On his side, Moi had Lt Col (Rtd) Josiah Mrashui then Lt Col Godfrey King’ang’i then later Mr. Njiru who served president Uhuru for sometime.

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