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Man throws his mother inside burning house in Nyamira

A man in Nyamira County in Masaba North has shocked the entire nation after it was revealed that he threw his own mother inside a burning house.

The 30-year-old Jared Masanya whose motives are not yet known on Monday at 10 am reportedly set his own house and that of his brother, Simon Ogeka ablaze in Magwero village.

Reportedly, the residents came together and put out the fire Mr. Ogeka’s house.

Jared Masanya’s mother, Teresia Kemuma led the villagers to help her extinguish the fire that was burning Jared’s house to ashes.

It is then that Jared grabbed his mother Teresia and threw her inside the burning house.

“He grabbed her and threw her inside the house which was on fire and locked the door from outside,” read the report.

The 60-year-old woman burnt to death while the suspect, whose motive still remains unclear, fled the scene

Police officers have since launched a manhunt for the suspect who is on the run after burning his mother alive.

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