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Sabina Chege donates to commercial sex workers

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege on Monday donated foodstuffs to commercial sex workers who are hit hard by the compulsory night curfew meant to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sabina Chege reached out to help the commercial sex workers after they reached out to her through her office needing assistance and help from the politician.

“The Commercial Sex Workers through their chair Gaceri as popularly known reached out on me to support them with food citing hard times during this Covid-19. Today I honored their call and did the distribution of food that will push each one of them for a week. The total number of such individuals in Murang’a Town being 106,” She said.

Sabina talked to the commercial sex workers after donating the foodstuffs urging them to quit their “business” and gain new skills apart from the one they are not for.

“We have agreed with them that I will find a long-lasting solution that will be putting food on their table with a promise of quitting that business. They did agree to engage in businesses such as hairdressing, dressmaking, and baking. I have at the same time encouraged them to form a group in order to benefit with Affirmative Action Fund through my office. I care for all since all are my children,” the Woman Rep added.

Sabina Chege’s donation to the commercial sex workers is the first one coming from a prominent politician who isn’t afraid to link their name with the so-called ladies of the night.

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