Fake number plate-NTSA records reveal of vehicle that distributed contaminated food

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) records show the registration number for a Land Cruiser vehicle which allegedly distributed contaminated food in Kikuyu constituency belongs to a different car.

On Monday, May 25, there were reports that over 20 people in Kikuyu, Kiambu county, had consumed contaminated relief food which was labeled William Ruto Foundation and Kimani Ichung’wa.

Car that distributed contaminated food
Car that distributed contaminated food

The DP and the Kikuyu MP dismissed claims that the food was distributed by their teams and instead shifted blame to political competitors saying they were out to play dirty politics.

The matter attracted criticism with Kenyans asking for answers from investigative agencies to reveal those behind the scheme. According to the locals, the food was distributed in a Land Cruiser vehicle that went around villages calling people to receive the food.

“I was standing by the roadside when the Land Cruiser car stopped next to me and I was called to take a package from the car, I went and took it and realised it was relief food,” said one of the locals who was interviewed by Citizen TV.

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In viral photos on social media, the alleged vehicle was registered as KCU 351 A which was also registered to another black Prado. Upon further investigations with the NTSA records, it emerged the rightful vehicle that was registered under the number was the black Prado and not the Land Cruiser.

The records show the Prado was first owned by one Timothy Muiga Mwangi and is currently owned by Stephen Miring’u Njoroge. The conundrum left many people wondering why would someone distribute contaminated relief food in a car with fake registration number.

Car that distributed contaminated food
NTSA records

According to reports, a number of people in Dagoretti and Starehe constituencies were also affected by the food. Locals said the food had a unnatural smell and most of them started complaining of stomach pains after eating it.

“There was sugar in the package and I used it to prepare tea for my children. After drinking it, my youngest child started complaining about the tea, then my eldest daughter told me the tea had a strange smell,” said one of the locals. Police have since launched investigations into the matter to bring the culprits to book.

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