Ndindi Nyoro says he won't leave William Ruto's side

Ndindi Nyoro says he won’t leave William Ruto’s side

Ndindi Nyoro has sworn to always be loyal to the deputy president, William Ruto despite many politicians switching sides on the second most powerful person in the country.

Kiharu Member of Parliament is the latest Mount Kenya politician to declare his undying loyalty to the Deputy President who is besieged.

Nyoro who has bluntly blamed Raila Odinga on the current rift between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto said that he would stick by Ruto despite the purported harassments people close to the DP are currently going through.

“The changes made in the Senate and in other senior government offices have one target – to send a message to Ruto’s allies that whatever you have got we will take it away. It was meant to instill fear and force Ruto’s people to abandon him,” he said.

“The genesis of these problems is the handshake. There are people you greet and immediately you lose your balance and start feeling dizzy. From the moment Uhuru greeted Raila, he has not been the same.”

“My position is that I will never be part of Kanu attempting to swallow Jubilee. Kanu has been a major pain to the people of Kiharu and I will never lead my people there. I will stick with Ruto to the end,” Nyoro told a local vernacular station.

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