Drama In Kisii As Nominated MCA Literally Wrestles English To The Ground During Swearing In

There was drama in the Kisii county assembly as a female nominated member of county assembly (MCA) literally wrestled the Queen’s language  to the ground during swearing in.

The Kisii nominated female MCA took to the podium to be sworn in by the clerk and it was at that point when hell broke loose.

Not only did the honorable member struggle to read the written words but she also spelt completely different language far away from what was written.

Concerned by the event, most netizens questioned the rationale that was being used to dish out certain nominations and whether there were any professional qualifications required before one could be considered. Kenyans had the following to say:

“English haiendi kufanya job ….as long as he can deliver no problem …PLO Lumumba anaongea dictionary yote …give me one case that he has ever won or how many corrupt people did he took to court when he was in charge of EACC coz he is eloquent in English.

“what qualities do we look at while voting in people??? surely hata kama…….so how will they work??”

“I thought it was just in Zambia my country. I love Bostwana they’re proud of their language. Next time save us from this drama and use Swahili.English doesn’t put food in the table.”

“The law and the confusion 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅I see 5 years of interesting drama in all Kenya parliaments,,,, what an adorable time ahead”

“Africans should wake up , English is not a sign of intelligence rather a foreign language .”

“In Kenya those who have opportunities know nothing and those who are educated have zero opportunities. Shame on those who nominated or elect such individuals to legislate.”

 “They could have administered the oath in Swahili. What an embarrassment caused to this lady!”

” Who nominated this # shame on you, 1st. Qualification ” One must be fluent in both English and Kiswahili.Kisii is still rotten if we’re headed to that direction.”

” Who won the wrestling match between the two wrestlers”

Watch the wrestling below:

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