Why Kirinyaga People Won’t Get Justice From The Senate

Sad as it may seem, the people of Kirinyaga won’t get justice from the Senate as they would want. This is not because the senators luck the evidence as well as the competence to liberate on the Waiguru’s case but because the House has been corrupted.

The Senate has become so corrupt that the case before them will be the flex of power of those who have the numbers and who doesn’t. The hearing before the senate will not be about the issues affecting the people of Kirinyaga but about those who support the handshake and those who don’t.

Before today, all this that I write were just theories or just mere speculations but after listening to the Senate proceeding on Tuesday evening one thing became crystal clear- People of Kirinyaga will have to wait until 2022 to get the justice they deserve.

The case before the senate on my view has already been decided long before the hearing by both political wings in the senate and a hearing will be a waste of time.

Orengo, Murkomen Team up in Revived Supremacy Battle - Kenyans.co.ke
Siaya Senator Orengo and Senator Murkomen renew battle at the senate in the Waiguru’s case

Let me scrutinize the Tangatanga wing of the senate ( the senators allied to DP Ruto). Would have Kinyiga people gotten justice from them? I guess no. This is my reasoning, the Murkomen led group will come to take revenge on their guy (Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinard Waititu) and not deliver Justice. They will come to sacrifice Waiguru for their political game and that’s not. 

Before the Tuesday evening seating, the reports indicate that the Tangatanga Senators met their leader – DP Ruto to liberate on the issue before the senate and I don’t think it was about justice. The meeting was about how to take on their enemy and hitting them at where it hurts the most- sending home Governor Ann Waiguru.


On the other side of the coin, the handshake team led by Senator Orengo will go to the senate to save their person and not the people of Kirinyaga. As Orengo put it “Some people including those within the Senators are want to see the head pf Waiguru’s head,” and I guess they will be there to save her head and not the people of Kirinyaga.

Senator Orengo and his team won’t rest until they save President Uhuru key person in central Kenya. Kirinyaga is one of few counties that the President still enjoys large support in his back yard and he won’t let that go soon. He will use all the machinery to keep his influence in Central. To do that he will rally his “Kieleweke team” and his brother’s men to rally behind Waiguru and save her job.

How I wished the Legislature would be an independent wing where they undertake their duties with compromise from the outside or even the executive. As they say, if wishes were horses beggars would ride but the Kirinyaga people won’t take a ride today but hold on their horses for a while before having a leadership they want. 



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