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When Corona Made Eating Smokie At Your Favorite Spot A Taboo

Enjoying your local snack “smokie pasua” is not going to be as simple as applying tomato ketchup and eating.

The government has put regulations to rein in rogue dealers in and protects the health of its citizens.

To be served, you as a customer will have to put your appetite in check and wear your mask as per the government rules.

In the new guidelines, smokie supplies must establish and maintain a register of vendors together with their locations.

Te new guideline works in the assumption that both sausage and smokie vendors are supplied from a central point. The supplier will be required to have their contacts.

You as a customer you should not be shocked when the vendor picks up a sausage of choice using tongs and dissects the meat roll without touching it.

The new guideline is authentic and is under the safety procedures set by the Ministry of Health.

The guidelines have abolished the habit of eating as many smokies as you want.

Customers will now get their order and eat their delicacy elsewhere.

“Vendors should ensure no consumption is done on their premises (sales should only be on a take-away basis). They should also ensure they sell only to customers wearing face masks,” the guidelines read.


Those who like crowding under the shade protecting the tantalizing smokies from direct sunlight will not be spared at.

This follows the government’s directive for people to keep physical and social distance to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Smokie vendors will also be required to wear face masks, headgear, white coats, and gloves.

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