Orie Rogo Manduli: Significance Of 4 Sugarcanes Found In Her House

Four stalks of sugarcane were found at the Late Orie Rogo Manduli’s house placed across her pictures on a table.

According to her family, Orie Rogo had huge parcels in Kitale where she used to plant crops such as maize and sugarcane. Apparently, the sugarcane was a symbol of love she had towards farming. 

Contrary to the traditional norm of doing things where such tables are filled with flowers and candles, Orie Rogo’s was somehow unique, depicting true love for nature. 

Other unique things which were found in her house are sunglasses, a shoe, and a Turkana stool called Ekicholong.

The late Orie Rogo was 73 years old by the time she passed on. She was so unique that she did things her own way including how she dressed.

Wherever she went, one thing that stood out was her look laced with a huge signature headgear.

According to Mpasho News, the table was also decorated with photos of a young Orie Rogo Manduli, and a number of academic certificates that she owned. 

The family says that the items signify what she liked, and will be changed every day until she is laid to rest. 

According to her personal Assistant Samuel Ndambuki, Manduli passed on as they prepared to go for a dental checkup.

“We had gone for a checkup at Nairobi Hospital yesterday [Tuesday]. This morning we visited her brother at Embakasi and she was very normal (sic). We had a dental appointment this afternoon and as she was doing her makeup, I noticed she leaned on one side,” Ndambuki said.

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