Moses Kuria Ashamed By Poor Woman After Demanding More Seats For Mt. Kenya

An aggrieved Kenyan woman has taken a swipe at the Gatundu member of parliament Moses Kuria after he claimed that Mt. Kenya should be given more seats at the top come 2022.

The middle aged woman who could not take Kuria’s remarks of Mt. Kenya getting 40% of the government appointments and the position of the deputy president lectured Kuria like a child while castigating him over the same.

According to the woman, it was unfortunate that Moses Kuria was pushing for his region to continue ruling the country at the expense of the other communities.

As a result, she told off Kuria and encouraged him to go and vie for presidency in his village and rule them forever as opposed to imposing that idea to the republic of Kenya.

“That 40% of government should be given to one region so the 60% to be divided to other lesser Kenyans. These are the kinds of politics that make my blood boil to the highest temperature possible. We know politics is a dirty game but we must refuse this system.”

“That a region somewhere we think that its better than the others? We will always be back instead of moving forward. Kuria, go and form your own Kenya with your Mt. Kenya region and make your country so that you rule there the way you like because we won’t accept that stupidity and nonsense from people like you in this country.” She said.

The woman continued: “I know you are not a leader you are just a politician who is out to get his pie after talking useless things. So you are just full of nonsense and bullshit. Do you think that Kenya will be ruled by one region until the end of time? Yani you think Kenya cannot function without Mt. Kenya?

“Is that what you think? Can’t a deputy president come from Coast region or Garissa ? These are the selfish politics that we must reject. Personally i will not keep quiet since i dont give a shit whatever people think.!

“I am here to say that it is time these kinds of people like Moses Kuria wapotelee mbali kabisa because there is no way a man in his own right senses will stand before people and say Mt. Kenya we want we want we want. What do you want that the other regions shouldn’t get? What do you want? What do you f#cking want? Ehh??

“These are the kinds of politicians who should be permanently sent away from the Kenyan political scene for the sake of peace. Kenya is not just made of Mt. Kenya region, there is the coast region, there is the western region, and other regions. Who do you think to be? People like you are the problems that we have in this political world of Kenya.” Continued the visibly angry woman.

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