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Oburu Odinga confirms Raila Odinga left the country for surgery

The Odinga’s family spokesperson, Oburu Odinga on Wednesday, June 24 confirmed Raila Odinga indeed left the country incognito for health issues but nothing serious.

As earlier reported by Daily Nation, the leader of NASA and ODM checked in to a German hospital for minor procedure on his back.

“Jakom is out of the country for a minor surgical operation on his back. It is not a serious health issue but just a minor one. So he is okay. The Germans have a good hospital facility in the Arabian country where he is being monitored,” stated Oburu.”

Oburu Odinga who is Odinga’s family spokesperson thwarted claims that Raila Odinga had flown to China as earlier speculations stressed online saying that the former premier last step foot in China last year before the pandemic.

“He is not in China. The last time he was there I think was in December last year before the Coronavirus pandemic. Right now, if you want to get there, you must be ready for a 14-day quarantine. That is not tenable so there is no way he could have gone there,” he added.

Oburu Odinga didn’t disclose who Raila Odinga left the country with. Itumbi had earlier shared that Raila left the country with his daughter and his personal physician.

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