Nasty Cold War Between Mudavadi And Rigathi Gachagua Threaten To Tear Kenya Kwanza Apart

Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi and deputy president Rigathi Gachagua are reportedly not seeing eye to eye following the latest move by the government.

At the center of the war is the decision by president Ruto to transfer the office of Rigathi Gachagua from Harambee Annex where he used to operate to Harambee House which hosts the president.

Insiders have revealed that Mr. Rigathi Gachagua has been allocated two floors at the office of the president and he will have to let go Ruto’s former office to Musalia Mudavadi who is likely to be the prime minister (chief cabinet secretary).

Prior to the election of Uhuruto, the Harambee Annex was used by former prime minister Raila Odinga during the Nusu Mkate government before it was occupied by Ruto in his capacity as the deputy president.

As a result, most people believe that the decision to lock Mr. Gachagua from the building was informed by the fact that the building was originally being used by Mr. Odinga and it was only okay for the same to be given to Mudavadi because their positions will somehow be similar.

However, sources have opined that Ruto is keen on taming and clipping the wings of Rigathi Gachagua by letting Mudavadi use the office. According to those around Ruto, Gachagua would be too powerful to control if he is allowed to use the office without checks and balances.

Therefore, there are those of the view that Ruto would easily monitor the moves by his deputy if they share the building where he will be given two floors.

The sources have argued that Ruto became a powerful man because Uhuru was not keen on what he was doing and the people he would meet at his office just across the road. Ruto was very powerful and his delegations would easily get in and visit him without any barrier. Put in another way, the Kenya Kwanza leader found it easier to cut official and private deals at Harambee Annex without being bothered on who was watching. Some of those moves would be difficult for the doyen if he was sharing the office with president Uhuru because not all faces would be allowed to access the premise.

Therefore, Mr. Gachagua may find it difficult to freely engage in his political dealings because he will be closely monitored by Ruto’s people. This is because not every Tom Dick and Harry will be allowed to enter the building hosting the office of the president without the approval of the presidential security manning the area. Consequently, Gachagua will have been tamed and he wont have the freedom to engage in certain political activities within the harambee House.

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