Details Emerge Why Ruto Made A U-Turn To Lift A Red Alert Uhuru Imposed On Miguna

The controversial Canadian based lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna may not come back to Kenya anytime soon despite giving Kenyans the assurance.

Five days ago, Miguna revealed that president Ruto had promised that the red alerts imposed against him by former president Uhuru Kenyatta would be lifted a day after the swearing in on Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua.

“I’m happy to announce that President William Ruto has assured me that the RED ALERTS will be LIFTED on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Thereafter, I will have my Kenyan Passport renewed and I’ll announce the date of my RETURN TO MY MOTHERLAND,” he stated.

However, on 14th no red alert was lifted against him and despite being patient, the same had not been lifted three days later after the 14th of November as promised by the president.

With no hopes, Miguna was on Saturday forced to come clean and make it very clear that no red alert had been lifted. As usual, the tough Miguna issued an order to Ruto’s government that the Red alert had to be lifted after he failed to honor his promise of lifting in on 13th after swearing in.

“This is nonsense. Don’t try to distort my position because I’m more than capable of speaking for myself. Mr. @gathara is right: Court orders are NOT suggestions. They must be OBEYED UNCONDITIONALLY. Respect for my rights is not a favor. The Red Alerts must be lifted promptly.” He tweeted.

It has now emerged that Ruto is not very keen on bringing back Miguna and he might only do it after the appointment of his cabinet. This source argued that bringing Miguna now and leaving him jobless would be unfair. As a result, there are chances that the man from Nyando might only step foot in Kenya after Ruto’s government starts functioning fully.

Besides, this source has argued that the president is careful with the barrister because he is a man that can turn against anyone anytime. There is a belief that Miguna while in Kenya will continue attacking Uhuru and Raila, something which he is not keen on because it will appear as if his government is after revenging against Mr. Kenyatta.

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