Moses Kuria Gives Up Completely After Chebukati Does This

Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria has given up after his candidate for the Kiagu county assembly was disqualified.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission on Friday issued a statement announcing the disqualification of Mr. Milton Mwenda from Kuria’s Chama  Cha Kazi party and Nathan  Gitonga of National  Ordinary People Empowerment Union party.

According to IEBC, these two were disqualified because they failed to demonstrate that they resigned from office seven days after the seat was declared vacant.

“The Commission’s Leadership and Integrity Vetting Committee disqualified Mr. Milton Mwenda of Chamam Cha Kazi party and Nathan Gitonga of National Ordinary People Empowerment union party, as candidates in the by-election for Kiagu ward in county assembly of Meru that was scheduled to be held on 14th October, 2021.

“The disqualification was grounded on a finding that the two candidates did not resign from public office within seven (7) days after the declaration of vacancy for Kiagu ward.

Following the decision, Moses Kuria who would have castigated the decision seemed to have given up without putting up a fight after he wrote: “No longer how it takes, the will of the people shall prevail.”

In the meantime, the Gatundu member of parliament Moses Kuria for the first time opened up on the illness that has made him spend several weeks in the hospital.

While speaking exclusively to Citizen TV’s Francis Gachuri, the Gatundu member of parliament explained in details how he sustained third degree burns two weeks ago on his feet that left him hospitalized.

Moses Kuria admitted that a friend of his had been persuading him to use the gadget but he was reluctant although he finally gave in.

“And my feet just exploded and when I came here the following day they said that I have got third degree burns. It is very simple, Francis, two weeks ago a friend of mine who had been insisting for some time.

“Because you know i do a lot of work, a lot of walking and this particular time because i was travelling, getting numb and tired so this guy managed to convince me to use some gadget which to the best of my opinion i thought was authorized.

“This gadget happened to do some slow burning of my feet. I was trying to clear a problem by introducing a killer solution and for me these things happen and I would have kept quiet and told you that I am in Britain or something.

Kuria also confessed that it was vital for him to share the information so that Kenyans take precaution against this counterfeit material from Ceragem.

“But I thought it was important because leaders get sick like everybody else. Everybody is mortal so I didn’t see the need to hide.

“And then secondly, as long as you use a product that is not authorized, i thought that i would use my case to help other people and later on when i had this problem, i asked them whether it is approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, NO, is it approved by pharmacy and poisons board, NO, so who has approved it?”

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