Cate Waruguru Reveals What “Deep Fried” Moses Kuria’s Feet

Laikipia woman rep honorable Cate Waruguru has revealed the thing that deep fried the feet for the Gatundu member of parliament Moses Kuria.

According to Cate Waruguru, someone whom she did not mention brought Moses Kuria a warmer machine without prescription from the doctor that ended up deep frying his feet.

Apparently, the Laikipia woman rep seems to know more about this device that destroyed Moses Kuria’s feet which she never specified.

Further, Cate Waruguru was glad that being in hospital bed had finally humbled the Gatundu member of parliament who has been fond of insulting dead parents, women and infant children.

“Hon. Moses Kuria now I know hospital bed has humbled you to prayers and not insults. Am sorry your feet deep fried and burnt. Who ever bought that warmer machine without proper doctors prescription will tell us why your nerves failed you.” She wrote in her Facebook post.

“Anyway Mutha polite reminder when you insults Us women with our infant children & dead parents……Tunakuwanga human beings too.Enjoy the sympathy for now.

You carry the Trophy ” most insensitive Leader” Quick healing in your 2nd surgery/ Grafting.” She added.

In a whatsapp chat directed to Moses Kuria, Cate Waruguru further told the Gatundu member of parliament that he will never know peace here on earth.

“You will know no peace….here on earth.” Wrote Cate Warugu.

In response, Moses Kuria rebuked the demon in the Laikipia woman representative while begging God not to listen to her evil prayers directed at him.

“Thank you Hon Catherine Waruguru. May God not hear your prayers. But I will pray for you my condition notwithstanding.”

This beef between two popular politicians from Mt. Kenya has left Kenyans wondering what really transpired to elicit such bad blood even when someone is sick.

The Gatundu member of parliament has been bedridden since he underwent a leg surgery, something which has made a number of Kenyan leaders pay him a visit at the hospital.

In the meantime, this is how Kenyans reacted following the bitter exchange between the two leaders, with most of them taking a swipe at the beautiful damsel:

“After failing in their mission to stop RAO you’ve resorted to insulting each other. The worst enemy is someone who has the guts to insult you at your worst situation I sympathize with Moses Kuria. Anyway quick recovery.”

“What Your problem Cate…..that doesn’t qualify you to insult him. I think you have a other issues with Moses.”

“Never wish (even) your worst enemy bad health. Some years ago – a lady (politician from central) – wished “Baba” death. It didn’t take long…she instead met double tragedy in her family. Agwambo is still here, strong as ever; scaling the mountain. Only God knows our destiny.

“As Hawked-eye Sleuths of Facebook we want to know where the beef began from, as popular philosopher on these streets said “udaku haitaki uzembe” elaborate further mrembo wa Laikipia.”

“So shameful….never abuse somebody coz of his or her nature of illness.are you God to judge? nway..speedy recovery mhesh kuria..we are praying for you..our God never slumbers.”

“You are the most insensitive and inhuman woman I have come across. Thank God you only have less than an year before God,the creator of Heaven and earth,humbles you…”

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