Miguna Miguna unveils photo of his rarely seen beautiful wife

Miguna Miguna unveils photo of his rarely seen beautiful wife

Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna has unleashed a rare photo of his beautiful wife Jane Miguna as she turns a year older, pampering her with a sweet birthday message.

Miguna who is among public figures who have managed to keep their families away from the limelight, decided to show off his soft side while celebrating Love.

In his message, the outspoken lawyer, could not help it but gush over his wife, reminding her that they are getting younger and more energetic.

Miguna's wife
Miguna’s wife

Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday Nyar Gem, Min Oda kod Nyithind Kano (Happy birthday daughter of Gem, mother of my house and children of Kano). We are getting younger, more energetic and fiercely revolutionary against all the despots, conmen and renegades. Viva! #uhurumustgo,” reads Miguna’s message to his wife.

The couple has been married since 2000 and have three children. Miguna has two more children from his previous marriage to Tracey Wynter.

Miguna's wife
Miguna’s wife

The family lives in Canada with all their children.

Reactions form Netizens

Jabez Sally Verrah “Happy Birthday Ma’am. You’re the strongest woman I know 😍. I mean being the wife of a mad,retired general is unbeatable ☺”

Miroro Cyrus “Happy birthday mother to Miguna’s children . You are strong enough if you can stay with such big headed man. It’s like a Christian seeking refuge in somaliland 😂”

Thomas Njoka Musa “Happy Birthday to her. Please desist from mixing romance with politics. This is her day!”

Ochieng Silus “Happy Birthday to her, she looks beautiful and never deserves your rudeness.”
Bonnie Mukungu Wendo “A luo will decide to stay in a grass house but marry beautiful wife,I salute all luos,happy birthday glittering wife if u remain a widow look for me pliz”

Pat Patty “She deserves to be crowned CGH,CBS,DR,PROF,GHC,NRM,LCM,GCD,SOHCATOA,BODMAS titles for being that patient and understanding in life to be your wife”

Prince Evanz “Happy birthday Nyar Gem. The creature that makes general whisper nice words ….Baby am not boarding,leave alone the zombies and atwoli the urinator”

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