Miguna Miguna says Uhuru Kenyatta is headed to prison for 650 years



  • Miguna Miguna says President Uhuru Kenyatta will be in jail for 650 years once he's out of office
  • Miguna believes once the parliament has been dissolved, the President can't hold office
  • Miguna is surprised how Kenyans are easily swayed by DP Ruto's wheelbarrows and mkokoteni

Miguna Miguna has struck again this time issuing his unsolicited constitution advice to Kenyans in general about what we should expect from the President, Uhuru Kenyatta right after his tenure.

Miguna, correcting the Attorney General Kariuki Kihara, the lawyer who is currently outside the country after being deported in Canada believes and stands behind the Kenyan Constitution saying bars the President from contesting in any position in the land.

“The Mafiya Attorney General Kariuki Kihara is dead wrong.” Miguna Miguna said in part via his Tweet, adding, “After Parliament is dissolved, Despot Uhuru Kenyatta cannot contest even the position of MCA or village elder.

The Constitution bars him permanently. He is heading straight to jail for 650 years. #UhuruMustGo”

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This statement is not as controversial as his recent one where he got surprised by the way Kenyans are being bought over by wheelbarrows and pushing carts by the Deputy President, William Ruto while the ODM leader together with the President Uhuru Kenyatta and living their best life.

“I never imagined that Kenyans would one day find themselves with William Ruto parading like a Peacock with poor Kenyans holding wheelbarrows and Mkokotenis while Conman @RailaOdinga drinks expensive whiskeys with Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and openly dines with looters. Incredible!” his other tweet read.

Miguna Miguna is a keen observer of Kenyan politics despite being away from the country for years now and he’s never shied away from calling out politicians, shoddy businessmen/businesswomen, and the proverbial “deep state”.

He might be away but his Twitter fingers are a thorn to many politicians’ side.

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