Miguna Miguna says Raila Odinga can’t speak because of an alleged stroke

Miguna Miguna
Miguna Miguna

The self-proclaimed General Miguna Miguna took to Twitter the other day to rant about the former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, and what he believes the leader of ODM is currently suffering from.

According to Miguna Miguna, Raila Odinga didn’t go for surgery in Dubai but he suffered from a stroke and allegedly he cannot move his mouth to speak.

Raila Odinga’s family says different and says Raila just wanted a fortnight for himself after he came back from his Dubai visit.

According to Raila Odinga’s family, the former Prime minister is recovering at his Karen home.

Miguna Miguna isn’t convinced at all.

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“Conman @RailaOdinga had a stroke. That’s why he was illegally flown to Dubai using tax-payers’ money and in contravention of COVID-19 restrictions. It’s also why he has never been RECORDED UTTERING A WORD to the media. Why he is hiding?” Miguna Miguna’s series of tweets read in part.

“He should retire and call it a day,” Miguna continued. “The stroke mangled his mouth slightly. That’s why he is hiding his face. The reason why his images and videos were not taken in the plane going or returning. We know how much he relishes publicity. Joho and Junet released their silly images eating hamburgers. But not the conman,” Miguna added.


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