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Medical Dons Yet To Receive Their Allowances After Three Years Of Waiting

Medical doctors who lecture at public universities and handle patients at referral hospitals are yet to be paid their risk and call allowances after three years of wait.

The medical dons said despite their numerous efforts to have the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the Parliament to approve their payment in a supplementary budget they are still yet to be paid.

“How powerful can one person be to delay the payment process for more than 600 doctors in the country? If the money was released, what is so difficult in releasing it?” One of the doctors questioned.

The doctors’ allowances backdated to 2017 but they have been proved early this year. The dons are yet to receive their due since the request has been pending at the National Treasury as they wait for approval for about six months.


The Principal Secretary has written numerous letters of request for approval to the National Treasury and addressed to the accounting services and quality assurance director-general without getting a response.

“We kindly request for the exchequer to enable us to pay capitation to universities for May 2020, CBA 207/2021 arrears for doctors/lecturers’ additional allowances’ arrears of May capitation Sh3.5million, CBA 2017/2021 arrears Sh6.6 billion and an additional allowance of Sh1.8 billion totaling to Sh1.9 billion,” a statement from one of the letters said.

Another letter to the Treasury was written on May 20. According to one of the doctors, the only language the government clearly understands is when they go on strike.

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