Maureen Waititu is tired of dry spell and wants to be happy again

Maureen Waititu is tired of dry spell and wants to be happy again

Beautiful YouTuber Maureen Waititu has admitted that she is tired of a dry spell and is now ready to date so that she can be happy again.

And no one can begrudge her, not with the cold weather ravaging Nairobi and its environs.

Speaking to Churchill Show comedian MC Jessy, the mother of two said she was ready to date and was trusting in God to lead her where he wants.

The queen said if God’s plan is for her to meet someone else, she is ready. “This is not my journey anymore. I am literally trusting God to take me where he is taking me. My work is to trust and obey and follow. If he has a plan for me to meet somebody who will,” said Waititu.

Waititu further disclosed she is human and has desires that need to be fulfilled, adding that she already knows what she wants. The riveting beauty added in case she end up with someone, all she wants is to be happy.

“Trust me I have desires as a human being and I know what I want exactly in future, maybe I do not even know because my mindset keeps changing. Where He is taking me it is okay. If I end up with someone, if I do not, I just want to be happy. I want to be so happy, full of abundance and I want to be an amazing mother,” she added.


The mother of two revealed in September 2019 she had given up on life and attempted suicide twice. “This one is an unknown fact. I was on antidepressants since September 2019. I was suicidal. I was gone. I attempted committing suicide twice,” she said.



Waititu recently accused her ex-lover Frankie of having an affair with socialite Corazon Kwamboka while they were still engaged. “Do not even think about coming at me without knowing the other side of the story. Ps, if by screwing around with a socialite who he was flirting with when we were still together and knocking her up is what you call getting a mate, I pity your kind of thinking,” wrote Waititu.


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