Kirinyaga Family Busted Living With A Decaying Corpse  As They Prayed For Its Resurrection

A family in Kirinyaga is on the spot for keeping their dead mother’s corpse for days and conducting prayers with hopes that she would resurrect.

According to reports, James Muchira, 45, took his 67-year old mother, Tabitha Wakathare, from a hospital where she was receiving treatment to pray for her from his home church identified as God’s Mountains of Believers.

The woman however did not make it and succumbed to her illness. Muchira’s family resolved to store the corpse in the bathroom where they would conduct prayers with the help of a stranger hoping that she would resurrect on Monday night.

“With the assistance of a female stranger from outside the region, the man kept invoking the name of his god to bring his mother back to life. After praying for days, he relaxed, saying he was waiting for good news of resurrection from his god,” a neighbor revealed.

The family however did not allow anyone to access their home. Other relatives of the widow decided to go for her at Muchira’s place when she failed to return to her home in Kimbimbi where she stayed alone but  they were turned away.

They however became suspicious on noticing a lot of flies around the compound and sought for assistance from the authorities.

The police stormed the home and discovered the decaying corpse lying in the bathroom  floor. Muchira, his wife and their two children, one a university student were immediately arrested to save their lives as an angry mob was baying for their blood.

According to Muchira’s brother Evans Mwaniki, his brother, who was a French beans broker, started behaving strangely last year saying that he had divine powers to pray for people.

“He abruptly stopped being a broker and embarked on preaching and praying for people secretly in his house. Sometimes he would travel to Nairobi to meet his fellow prayer mates and return home and remain indoors with his family,” he said.

Tabitha’s body was taken to Kibugi funeral home awaiting postmortem. Consultations are ongoing on what they should be preferred against them.

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