Hii ODM Si Kiosk Yako- Fearless Jimi Wanjigi Tells Off Raila

Philanthropic billionaire Jimi Wanjigi who is eyeing the seat of presidency on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has told off opposition leader Raila Odinga.

According to Jimi Wanjigi, there is no way Mr. Odinga who is a player like him can at the same time masquerade as a linesman and a referee in the party affairs.

As a result, he asked the opposition leader to come clean and declare that he is a player just as any other normal Kenyan out there.

“Our party leader should now  confirm that he is a player aingie kwa hi race and when he confirms he is a player, ajue sasa he cannot be a player, awe captain, awe referee, awe linesman, okay? and VAR at the same time. Let him join the race like me, let us agree on fair play and settle on the rules of the game we will all follow.

“This agreement will include how we get delegates, the date of the delegates, then we even do debates like in the case of America which do open debates in a public media. This is what we want to see in our party.

“This is a democratic party we want to make sure that every Kenyan starts buying into party politics. Si ati chama inakuwa kiosk ya mtu. Parties must be owned by the people. The people ,must decide so we don’t know why they are afraid.

Consequently, Wanjigi threatened to push and ensure that things are done correctly in the party that he has greatly contributed towards its formation and  growth.

His sentiments came just three days after Raila Odinga through his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) secretary general issued a stern warning to those individuals like Jimi Wanjigi who are opening party offices without consultation.

According to ODM, establishing party offices across the country without the blessings of the party was not only a violation of their rules but will also attract disciplinary actions.

Thus, the party leadership urged the public not to enter into lease agreements with or arrangements for such offices in the absence of confirmation in writing from the Secretary General.

“We wish to remind all members that whenever there is a need to open any party office, the same must be done in consultation with the national office failure to which such offices will not be recognized. Further note that such brazen violation of the Party’s rules will attract disciplinary action to those involved. The Public and our members generally are urged not to enter into any leases or arrangements for such offices in the absence of confirmation in writing from the Secretary General.” Read part of the statement from ODM.

The above sentiments were seen as an indirect address to the billionaire Jimi Wanjigi who has single handedly been opening party offices across the country, a move that has not gone well with the opposition party.

This decision by ODM was arrived at during a meeting by the Central committee held at a meeting on Wednesday 29th September in Nairobi to deliberate on various emerging issues affecting the party and the Nation generally. The meeting was chaired by Party leader HE Hon. Raila Odinga.

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