Friends Of Agnes Tirop Open Up On Losing Millions Of Properties To Hyenas

Two athletes who happened to be friends of the late Agnes Tirop have finally opened up on losing millions of properties to hyenas like husbands/partners.

Their revelation came in the wake of the mysterious death of Agnes Tirop who was killed by her lover inside their House in Marakwet county.

A report aired on Saturday by CGTN revealed that two friends of Agnes Tirop namely Joan Chelimo and  Ruth Bosibori are not at peace with their lives and that of their children.

According to Bosibori, the former All-Africa Games 3,000 metres Steeplechase champion, she confessed that she could no longer remain silent following the murder if her friend. 

As reported by,  Bosibori claims to have lost all of her property and wealth from athletics to her partner who had scammed her out of her sweat. Further, she affirmed that the threat to her life and children is now higher with reports showing a surge in cases of gender based violence in the country. 

“I’ve been keeping quiet for long but after Tirop’s death, I don’t think I can keep quiet any longer,” Bosibori stated.

As a result, the woman who was recruited into the Kenya Police in 2007 revealed that she was forced to retire from athletics after she became very very broke just three years into the athletics career. This is because all her sweat was squandered by her hyena partner to the last coin.

“All my sweat was taken away by someone who is well known. At the moment, I am struggling to make ends meet,” she said.

Similarly, another athlete by the name Joan Chelimo narrated how she lost all that she had to her former hyena (lover) before later dumping her like hell. In her words, the only property she managed to secure was her young baby.

“I was abused, all my athletics earnings were taken away and I was one months pregnant at the time but I left. The world knows me as Joan Chelimo but they did not know my story. I just want to urge people to leave toxic and insecure relationships.” Chelimo stated.

To regain her lost glory in sports, Joan Chelimo is currently involved in training at her Iten home in Elgeyo Marakwet county.

In the meantime, The late Agnes Tirop’s husband almost broke her legs according to one of her friends who spoke glowingly about the slain Olympian during her burial in Mosoriot, Nandi county.

Peris Jepchirchir, a very close friend of the late athlete, shocked mourners after she narrated a blow by blow account of how Agnes Tirop’s husband always threatened to end her life.

Shockingly, she disclosed how the deceased shared with her a video of how her hubby Rotich not only vowed to eliminate her but also break her limbs.

“There are things that Agnes showed me. She had been told that her legs would be broken or she would be killed,” she posed.

Apparently, Peris also disclosed that she reported Agnes Tirop’s husband to Athletics Kenya but no action was taken by then.

Kenya’s 5,000 meters Tokyo Olympic star Agnes Tirop Jebet was recently found dead in the morning with several stabs in the abdomen. The husband then fled the scene after committing the heinous act.

Reports from the family would later reveal that the husband had transferred all the properties for the deceased when she was still participating in the races abroad. According to detectives, they believed that the hyena husband killed Agnes Tirop in a bid to illegally remain with all her wealth.

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