Jealous Agnes Tirop’s Hubby Controlled Parts Of Her Body To Be Massaged By Trainers

It has emerged that the husband to the late Agnes Tirop was full of jealousy to the extent of controlling her private life.

According to a report by the Daily Nation, an athlete claiming to be closer to the couple revealed that the hubby was very strict on her.

“He even gave instructions to trainers on which parts of her body should be massaged.” Stated the source as reported by the local daily.

The paper added that those who knew the couple said they had a rocky relationship which at some point made Agnes Tirop to seek refuge at her training camp.

Besides, the two lovers rarely received visitors and had their iron sheet fenced compound surrounded by cameras all over.

“No one really knew when they were home. We only heard the opening and closing of the gate. If we want to see Rotich, we only meet him at the gate.” Said a neighbor who sought anonymity as reported by Nation.

Those interviewed by this local publication further revealed that Agnes returned to the house on Monday, having left weeks earlier following a disagreement.

“She had not been home since returning from Japan. Agnes said she was being physically abused and fled to the training camp.” Added one runner familiar with the happenings.

“She went back home on Monday following arbitration by family and friends. We never saw Agnes again.” 

Olympian Agnes Jebet Tirop was brutally murdered by her bitter husband who fled after committing the heinous act.

Agnes Jebet’s lifeless body was found in her house in Iten town, Elgeyo Marakwet County on Wednesday October 13th.

Head of police for the area Tom Makori said that when police arrived at the scene they found the 25-year-old athlete on the bed with “a pool of blood on the floor.”

The world 10,000m bronze medalist and 2015 World Cross Country Champion had several stab wounds in her abdomen and neck.

“Her husband is still at large, and preliminary investigations tell us her husband is a suspect because he cannot be found. Police are trying to find her husband so he can explain what happened to Tirop,” police boss Tom Makori said.

Police believe that the husband found love messages in Agnes Tirop’s phone when she was sleeping and this really irritated him.

The message irked the husband and he confronted her about it, it’s believe he attacked her after they quarreled over the text messages on her phone.

During their interaction with the police, the suspect’s parents stated that he contacted them while crying and asked for forgiveness.

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