Desperate Attempts By Uhuru To Save Raila At Bomas That Ruto Thwarted To be Declared Winner

It has now emerged that president Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday made all kinds of desperate attempts at Bomas of Kenya to deny Ruto his win.

According to Ruto’s insider Dennis Itumbi, president Uhuru Kenyatta sent his people to Bomas of Kenya to force the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Chairman Wafula Chebukati to postpone the declaration but all was unsuccessful.

Itumbi without providing evidence or naming the so called officers added that the matter was brought to Chebukati at Bomas as a matter of National Security but the Commission chairman could listen to none of that.

Itumbi further claimed that the plan was wide and even the four commissioners who rejected the official results were part and parcel of the game. Below is what Mr. Itumbi wrote about the Bomas event where Chebukati declared Ruto the winner:

“The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents are reporting that the DEEP STATE literally landed at Bomas last evening and lost their final battle.

1. A senior Office of the President operative, a State House administrator, and two members of a key security organ confronted Chebukati with a demand.

Names are withheld out of sound advice by HNIB agents

2. The demand was that Chebukati alters the results as a matter of National Security.

3. Chebukati stood his ground.

4. Tactic was changed to money with an offer of Shs. 500m per commissioner. Again Chebukati stood his ground.

5. The plan was then changed to two things..

a) Arrest Chebukati and stop him from making a Declaration.

b) Split the Commission.

6. ODM politicos advised that they make it a political issue and stop Chebukati from making the Presidential Declaration at the floor of Bomas

7. As that went on a local Media House paid for a Press Conference at Serena and Four commissioners were whisked out of Bomas to go address the Press Conference

Despite the threats and intimidation – Chebukati chose Country and Declared a President-Elect. It is so DECLASSIFIED!”

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