Details Of Two Sets Of Results At Bomas That Has Made It Impossible To Declare Ruto Or Raila

Sonko News has learnt that there are different sets of results at the Bomas of Kenya which has made it impractical to declare either Raila or Ruto.

Apparently, the two sets of results emanate from the form 34As before the verification while the other one is from the same form 34As after verification.

It has emerged that results before verification are way much different from those ones after verification and it has sent the commissioners into panic on which one to declare to Kenyans.

At the same time, it is reported that some commissioners want results announced from original form 34As that were uploaded and others want the declaration to be made on what was established after verification exercise at Bomas of Kenya.

Kenya Kwanza agents are said to be comfortable with the results prior to verification while the Azimio side only want the declaration to be made after the verification exercise which expunged some illegitimate votes.

Besides, the issues of voter turnout is causing problems between the two coalitions since the azimio side has made it clear that whatever is recorded in the KIMS KIT must match the voter turnout as captured in form 34As.

According to them, they believe that some commissioners were involved in doctoring the results hence the variation in KIM’s voter turnout and those of the form 34As.

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