We used to sell chang'aa with my mom-Churchill Show comedian Captain Otoyo

We used to sell chang’aa with my mom-Churchill Show comedian Captain Otoyo

Captain Otoyo

Kazungu Matano aka Captain Otoyo has revealed the hardships he had to go through to get an education. On a new episode of Churchill Show – The Journey, the funnyman revealed he was born from the coastal region but also grew up in Nakuru after his dad was transferred on work duty.

The comedian said during his school days, his mum used to be a chang’aa vendor and the children’s work was to watch out and make sure the coast was clear.

“My mother was selling the illicit brew, all types of them, our job as the children was to ensure the coast was clear. AP’s were not scary, the scary guys were called KANU youth wingers, and when we saw them, we would whistle in a unique sound to alert the guys drinking inside,” he said.

Captain Otoyo
Captain Otoyo

Funny enough, he performed pretty well in primary school and the area chief personally came to his home to applaud him. When they spotted him, they immediately thought their mother was in big trouble.

“The Chief tried to ask us to stop but we were long gone. He waited till the evening and when we came back my mum tried explaining why she was doing the illegal business but he was only interested in giving the information,” he added.

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He grabbed Otoyo’s hand and extended his congratulations before revealing he was one of the best students in the region.

The chief even organised a Harambee in which people brought different goods that ended up being auctioned in exchange for money. He also got a bursary from the chief’s office which added up to his school fees and he finally got a chance to wear shoes for the first time while joining high school.

Captain Otoyo
Captain Otoyo

Even though his studies were difficult the entertainer is proud to be a product of the community’s goodwill. One of the comedian’s lowest moments was back in 2018 after he was reportedly fired from his radio job at Standard Group over gross misconduct.

He was also said to have heard a frosty relationship with the head of radio at the station. Otoyo is also an actor and previously played a hilarious role on Papa Shirandula alongside one of his closest friends Jalang’o.

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