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What It Really Means When He Says “I Don’t Want A Relationship”

Most of us have heard this unfortunate excuse at least once in our dating experiences. It typically leaves us feeling confused and with a bit of a bruised ego. Asking ourselves, “What does that even mean”? The short answer…I don’t want a relationship…..with you.

A difficult hand to be dealt, especially when the man you’ve been investing time with, enjoying mutually great times together and have started to feel for, has different intentions than you.

A man who is certain about you should be able to communicate about it. Entertaining vague explanations of what he wants pertaining to a relationship and empty promises is not what shows your worth, nor is a man who serves you such crumbs, a man who you want to invest time with.If a babe tells you these 5 things, you should be very worried ...There are also a few other ways men (who want to keep you around for fun or the time being) will beat around the bush in trying to tell you they don’t want a relationship with you. Saying things like, “Let’s just enjoy ourselves and see where this goes”, or “I’ve been hurt before, I need to take things slowly”.

When a man tells you anything that sounds along that same vein, take my word for it…..leave him alone. It is absolute nothing. You will simply be wasting your invaluable time and energy, thinking he will eventually see that you are amazing and worth claiming.

This hesitation simply means he is unsure about you. Something about you doesn’t quite check off all his proverbial boxes.

When you hear this sort of excuse, it is a perfect time to realize your worth. We all deserve to be treated amazing and being strung along is certainly a far cry from the treatment you deserve.


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While it may sting to find yourself in this type of situation, take it as a sign that there is a man out there who will be certain about you, who will value you and is far better than the man who is giving you selfish excuses.

Mature men are grounded in themselves and know what they want.It typically only takes a man two weeks to a month to be certain that you are what he wants and checks all the boxes of what he is looking for.

He will not hesitate in making sure that he secures you. He will not be fickle about his intentions and will make sure you cannot be lost to another man. He will recognize your worth and show that he does. That man is the one worth your time.

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