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Waititu cries after his property get repossessed by the government

Former Kiambu Governor is crying foul to the government after his properties get repossessed.

The recently impeached governor failed to explain the source of his wealth and the government through his agencies, has decided to make an example out of him.

Ferdinand Waititu who is just like any other Kenyan on the streets having no official government post is currently out on a Ksh. 15 million bail is facing a KShs. 588 million corruption case.

On Wednesday, the Government through the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) repossessed two Toyota Land cruisers V8s, a Mercedez Benz, Two Prado J150, Range Rover, a tractor, Tippers, a dozen of petroleum tankers and a number of trailers, all owned by Waititu and his wife, Susan.

The Court has made it clear that the government will repossess any property that can’t be explained how it got acquired iterating that it will no longer protect any property acquired through corruption.

The aforementioned properties would be seized, and one would not have to go through the criminal process.

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