Vera Sidika is back to being black and it’s horrible!


  • Vera Sidika is losing her skin lightening
  • The socialite cum businesswoman, currently based in Mombasa sparked an online conversation after her photo emerged online 
  • Sidika has also added some weight
  • Sidika is in love with Brown Mauzo at the moment after dating Otile Brown who both have brown skin

Vera Sidika shook the internet as we know it after coming out as a light-skinned woman a few years ago.

The socialite underwent an expensive procedure that saw her remove her melanin to look more “appealing”.

Speaking with Jalang’o on his Jalang’o TV, Vera Sidika revealed why her skin complexion might be going back to the “default settings”.


Apparently, the lightening creams that she uses are not locally manufactured and are not even on the shelves but they are exclusively in the United States and because of the lock down in the country courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, she cannot import the products anymore.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is not only losing her skin lightening, but she’s also gaining weight, a whole lot of them and after a photo of her new self got shared online, netizens can’t stop talking about her and how she has left herself go despite finding new love.

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