Tuju To Be Chased With All His Belongings Out Of Jubilee Anytime

Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju has come out to open up on his latest fate at the ruling Jubilee party headquarters.

According to Raphael Tuju, those who want him out of the Jubilee are targeting the millions of shillings that will be raised in the looming party primaries. The secretary general said that these cartels are only interested in taking control of the millions of shillings for the party.

There had been rumors that the Jubilee Secretary General was a few days ago locked out of the party’s headquarters in Pangani, Nairobi, claims that he vehemently denied as rumors.

In an interview with a local blog, Tuju asked Kenyans to ignore reports that wrangles had ensued in the ruling party.

“I am currently behind my desk at Jubilee Headquarters and I have just finished a meeting with some of our staff,” Tuju said

“You are free to come and take a picture,” he added.

The party’s communication director Albert Mwemusi also confirmed that the Cabinet Secretary without a portfolio was in his office.

“The office is open and the SG has been holding a meeting,” Mwemusi said.

Through a tweet, Itumbi let the cat out of the bag while revealing that Jubilee would claim the offices were locked due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Jubilee HQ locked. Tuju locked out. They plan to blame #COVID19, for office closure Administration fight is on,” Itumbi said.

A section of Jubilee members of parliament have been pushing for the ouster of Rapahel Tuju and Jubilee vice chair David Murathe.

Following reports of his dismissal from the Jubilee party, this is how various Kenyans reacted:

“He has done all the dirty work assigned to him,now his time is up😕 they didn’t even help him clear his huge debt!… PAYBILL loading..”

“His usefulness is over… They only wanted to use him to fire members now it is his time on the chopping board,.. Fortunately, he had already been told about this but, he decided to grow horns to the extent of insulting the DP and warning him against stepping at Jubilee headquarters… Surprisingly, it’s the dp who would soon welcome him at the hustler’s mansion.”

“hehe after they used you mercilessly deal with the Dp. I said it and i’ll say it again at long last you will suffer the same fate as him.”

“Siku yako pia imefika Tuju, you were enjoying humiliating others on order. But then this brings me to my point, Kenyan politics is very sick and our politicians suffer from insomnia. You humiliate your colleague today without huruma, tomorrow when you are humiliated because of the rules you created you run to the person you humiliated to help you. And at the end its not always about the country’s interest, just personal interest and looting.KENYA IS SICK.” 

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