Somalia Revokes Licenses Of Two Kenyan Airlines

Somalia officially canceled the flight licenses of two Kenyan Airlines and stopped them from flying into Somalia for allegedly violating the COVID-19 regulations put by the country.

The two Kenyan airlines that have been banned from entering Somalia – Buff Air Services and Silverstone Air Services, are said to have carried consignments of khat to Somalia while labeling them as medical supplies.

The consignments carried by the two airlines arrived in the Somalia town os Jowhar and Buhodle between 26th May and 31st May.

Somalia Airport. Kenya’s Buff Air Services and Silverstone Airlines banned from flying into Somalia Airports,

The federal government of Somalia had previously banned the importation of khat from neighboring countries – Kenya and Ethiopia, arguing that the importation would contribute to the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Silverstone Airlines previously suspended the operations of its Bombardier Dash 8 fleet on 12th November 2019 after an audit from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority that revealed non-compliance issues following numerous incidents involving the airline’s fleet in the past.

In February, 202, Kenya’s low-cost carrier, Jambojet, stopped its planned fights into Somali land after the country’s authorities denied the airline morning landing slots. The Somalia aviation authorities argued that there was high traffic in the morning hours.

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