Ruto Man Demeans Teachers, Describes Them As “Watu Wa Kushika Chokaa Tu”

Kikuyu member of parliament Kimani Ichungwa who is a very close ally to the deputy president William Samoei has come under sharp criticisms for openly demeaning teachers.

While addressing a function on Thursday attended by DP Ruto, Kimani Ichungwa took a swipe at teachers by despising their roles.

According to Ichungwa, teachers are people whose only role in the society “ni kushika chokaa tu na kufunza wanafunzi.”

“Watu wamekuwa mwalimu wa university kabla ufanywe waziri, mtu wa kushika chokaa tu na kufunza walimu. Mwengine pia amefanywa PS (Someone was just a mere university teacher in the university whose main role is to write in the blackboard using a chalk).” Said Kimani Ichungwa.

Following his sentiments, a number of Kenyans felt that it was not right to show low regards for teachers. Below is how various Kenyans reacted to Ichungwa’s sentiments:

“”Heh! Didn’t know that hustlers considered teachers so lowly! Or it’s because teachers cannot afford 257 security officers to guard their kukus?”

“The paradox of Hasla bandia is how they demean our civil servants our teachers and police officers. Its so wrong our teachers are dignified and respected people. How will they treat teachers when elected? We cannot allow this to continue happening, at least to our teachers.”

“He’s insulting a poor teacher for “hustling” and becoming a powerful millionaire. He’s praising and worshipping a “chicken seller” who has “hustled” and bece a billionaire. In the hustler movement teachers are not allowed to become powerful and rich. Lord God, the earlier you save us from these hustlers the better it will be for the country.”

“Where are the teachers? Wasn’t moi a teacher.? Who hurt this man who went to Alliance through the back door?”

“Teachers are very valuable and if ruto and his team feels they are useless that tells alot what they think about importance of education.”

“This is quite belittling, teachers and lecturers are professionals who should be accorded due respect.”

“hapo hakuna madharau, amesema ukweli. tell me one teacher who lives that extravagant life . tell me one who can drive 5million car . many of us struggle. thats afact, but the thing is, teachers should be left out of this dirty politics wangangane na cbc.”

“This Tangatanga Mujahideen seems to have lost his mind. These days he talks a lot of nonsense. What is wrong with being a teacher, or for that matter, a teacher getting promoted to a senior post in government? The tables were turned for the Tangatanga vuvuzelas by our very able minister of the Interior in their latest political game. They should just accept they [email protected]#$ed up big time and move on.”

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