President Uhuru Kenyatta bans alcohol in Kenya


On Monday Jul 27, President Uhuru Kenyatta banned the sale of any alcoholic drinks in restaurants due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in the country.

The President issued the directive speaking during his anticipated address to the nation from the State House, Nairobi also directed all the bars to be closed indefinitely until further notice from the government.

“That there shall be no sale of alcoholic beverages in eateries and restaurants across the territory of the Republic of Kenya effective midnight today for the next 30 days,” said Kenyatta.

All restaurants will operate until 7pm after he changed it from 8pm deadline.

“The relatively low infection rates compared to other countries is giving Kenyans false comfort that the pandemic is not a serious health risk. The Government cannot police the morality of citizens,” Uhuru stated.

Bars found operating in contravention of Uhuru’s orders will have their licenses withdrawn permanently,

The president also directed the Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai to provide a weekly report of all the revoked licenses, and ordered police to spare no politician or individual who is out after curfew hours without being an essential worker.

“Forthwith, the IG shall ensure that his officers spare no mheshimiwa, no individual, regardless of social status or rank who is either out after curfew without being an essential worker or who flouts the health protocol that has been set out,” said Kenyatta.

The new directive would be effective at midnight July 27.


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