Posta Announces New Prices Of Sending Letters Following Approval From CA

The Postal Corporation of Kenya has been allowed by the Communication Authority of Kenya to increase the cost of sending letters.

As from October 1, the new tariffs that have gone up by Kshs55 will become effective. The move was taken so as to improve the corporation’s cash flow since it has been making losses over the years.

According to the new tariffs, the price of sending letters over 250 grams to 500 grams will go up from Kshs95 to Kshs150.

Letters weighing over 100g to 250g will however be send at Kshs85 from the current Sh55 as letters weighing over 20 grams to 50 grams cost Kshs65 from the current Kshs45, while the rate for those weighing up to 100 grams will rise by 50 percent to Sh75.

“The Communications Authority of Kenya has granted Postal Corporation of Kenya approval and authority to review and effect new letter postage rates for select products and services with effect from October 1,” the Postmaster General said in a notice.

Under the new law, the postal agency is required to inform its users of the new tariffs 30 days before they are effected.

The review of the tariffs marks its recovery efforts for the agency at a time it has sought a bailout from Treasury to remain afloat, pay salaries and operate its 625 post offices spread across the country.

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