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Mutahi Ngunyi calls all Senators following Ruto SLAVES

Mutahi Ngunyi

The controversial yet vocal political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has opened up like never before only this time breaking down the set up of the current Senate.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi who has made a name for himself for always predicting the future when it comes to the Kenyan political scene has stressed that the current Senate is somewhat owned by Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

He also mentioned that the aforementioned two political bigwigs created the Senate as we know it today and there’s no way that the Senate would be independent because they didn’t create themselves.

“Majority Senators are CREATED by UHURU KENYATTA and BABAMAN. If these Senators had CREATED themselves, they would be INDEPENDENT.” part of Mutahi Ngunyi’s tweet read.

Mutahi Ngunyi went on to call all the Senators following the Deputy President, William Ruto is nothing important to the DP but his mere slaves.

“And the ones CREATED by RUTO are also his SLAVES.” Ngunyi intimated.

“Independence of the SENATE is therefore UNDISCUSSABLE!” Ngunyi added.


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