Murkomen's comments on Waiguru's impeachment criticised

Murkomen’s comments on Waiguru’s impeachment criticised


Kipchumba Murkomen, the Elgeyo Marakwet senator has had a 2020 where he has not only lost his plum senate majority leadership job but has also been sidelined in the recent jubilee purge.

Waiguru’s political battles have dominated the headlines this week and many have been wondering how the fate of Uhuru’s stalwart will turn out this coming week.

Ann Waiguru
Ann Waiguru

And Murkomen has decided to delve into the issue head-on revealing his controversial thoughts about it, opining that the Senate would be rendered powerless if the government decided to protect Waiguru from impeachment.

“If the government wants to save Waiguru regardless of the facts, then she will be saved. If the government and Capitol Hill dry cleaners combine forces then the Senate will do nothing.

“A few of us will make some noise, quote the Constitution and our DC will rule us out of order and declare her Mweupe kama pamba (white as cotton),” stated Murkomen.


The comments seemed to rub a number of Kenyans the wrong way with some revisiting previous bills passed by the Senate under his watch.

“This is exactly how it felt when you passed the security amendment bill, election amendment bill and other bad bills claiming you had the numbers and could do anything. It’s now boomeranging on you! This how it feels pastor! This is how we felt back then!,” read a reply to Murkomen’s tweet.


Even former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo called out Murkomen for not fixing the rot in the Senate;

“Ndugu it’s unfortunate, but let it be known that, this will not start with Anne Waiguru, it started long ago. You folks didn’t fix it, so now it’s fixing you (senate). It’s important to do the right things as opposed to doing things right,” noted Kabogo.

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Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi furthered the conversation with a reference to one of Murkomen’s earlier claim that ‘Parliament was dead’, a statement he had made citing the influence of the executive on lawmakers.

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