Man who killed lover in ‘illuminati ritual’ jailed for 30 years

Man who killed lover in ‘Illuminati ritual’ jailed for 30 years

The High Court in Kerugoya has given a 30-year jail term to Simon Murimi who pleaded guilty to killing his lover, Eunice Wambui on June 23.

Citizen Digital reports that Murimi told the court that he killed his lover in Kianderi, Kirinyaga between June 23 and June 24.

His lawyer Magara Kemunto told the Kerugoya court that her client had killed his lover on the bidding of ”Illuminati gods” who he has been professing allegiance to.

While pleading guilty to the offence, Murimi asked the court for leniency, saying that he is a first-time offender only instructed to action by his ”’gods”.


The court heard that after killing his lover, Murimi had buried her in a shallow pit which he had disguised as a garbage pit.

The next morning, his father curious about the pit, dug it up only to see feet jutting from beneath the rubble.

On July 27, a security team alerted of the matter exhumed the body and arrested Murimi who has been in custody since.

Murimi is said to have joined the cult while he was working in Mombasa a few years back.

In a historical sense, the term “Illuminati” refers to the Bavarian Illuminati a secret society that operated for only a decade, from 1776 to 1785. This organization was founded by Adam Weishaupt a German law professor who believed strongly in Enlightenment ideals, and his lluminatenorden sought to promote those ideals among elites. Weishaupt wanted to educate Illuminati members in reason, philanthropy, and other secular values so that they could influence political decisions when they came to power.


In its early days, the group was just a handful of people. And even at its largest, it only consisted of somewhere between 650 and 2,500 members. The group grew to that size by becoming a sort of sleeper cell within other groups — Illuminati members joined Freemason lodges to recruit members for their own competing secret society.

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