Lady who rejected a man, accept him after receiving airtime money

A Nigerian man identified as Henry has exposed how ladies are materialistic.

Henry had asked the young lady to be his girlfriend and at first, she bluntly refused his proposal without giving him a reason for rejecting him.

However, a peep into their conversation which was shared, shows the young lady changing her decision after Henry wired 5k into her account for the subscription.

She quickly accepted to be his date, but Henry turned it down this time, insisting that he’s no longer interested in the relationship.

The lady got mad and asked why he sent her the airtime in the first place. Henry said it’s because ‘givers never lack”.

Henry shared alter his WhatsApp conversation with the lady.

Here is a screengrab of the conversation” 


And in  Kenyan, a woman going by the name Aoko Otieno caused a sensation when she lectured toxic feminists against spewing hatred against all men.

Besides, she rattled women by saying that men were not obligated to give their women money and take care of their needs unless they were married.

She said that it was time women who felt entitled to their boyfriend’s money to change their perspective on who a valuable woman is.


Aoko was categorical that women’s values should be attached to the intellect, talent, character, and not by objectifying themselves to gain materially.

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