Kalonzo Wins Big As Waiguru Throws Her Weight Behind Him

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has thrown her weight behind Wiper Democratic Movement party leader Steven Kalonzo Musyoka.

According to Anne Waiguru, they owe no one any political debt since their major concern in Mt. Kenya is to achieve a working economic model.

This is what Ann waiguru said to Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka: “Truly your 24hr economy agenda is the real deal,am fully convinced, welcome to Mt Kenya, sisi hatuna deni ya mtu, tuko na deni na kurudisha uchumi mahali mliacha na president Kibaki. #KalonzoInMtKenya.”

The meeting between Kalonzo and Kirinyaga governor comes at a time when the latter has been accusing the state of using EACC to target her due to her political stand. According to Waiguru, the actions by EACC to raide her office were mere political witch-hunts ahed of the 2022 general elections.

Below is the statement that Anne Waiguru released in the wake of her troubles with the Ethics and anti corruption commission:

“Last time I said … “on BBI let me keep quiet a bit..” immediately, EACC raided my office… Recently I said am “… introspecting on the political way forward…” and again immediately I get EACC summons complete with all the subtle threatening inflexibilities… and media alerts on an alleged payment of 52m (allocated by County Assembly – for a pending bill that was acquired in 2010, for sub division, allocation and cadastral mapping of over 17,000 acres of South Ngariama Settlement Scheme) and which EACC knows HAS NOT EVEN BEEN PAID! Is it just coincidence, witch-hunt, or the usual attempt to shape narratives for 2022 succession politics?” She posed.

Besides, the second term Kirinyaga governor also dismissed a recent newspaper report which reported that her county government had paid 52 million for land survey.

“Shame on you! This is the WITCH HUNT narrative I was talking about being pushed by those fighting me in Govt! Get this clear – WE HAVE NOT PAID, repeat NOT PAID 52M, or WE HAVE NOT PAID even one shilling!” Said waiguru.

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