“Kalonzo Is Poor, The Guy Doesn’t Own Anything”- Farah Maalim

Wiper Deputy Party leader, Farah Maalim has described his boss and former vice president Steven Kalonzo Musyoka as a poor man who owns nothing.

According to Farah Maalim, Kalonzo Musyoka barely has more than 5 million Kenya shillings in all his bank accounts.

“I’m sure when you go to his account you will not find anything more than Ksh 5 million to Ksh 4 million. The guy doesn’t own anything,” Maalim.

Farah Maalim made these sentiments on Monday during an interview with TV47. He was asked about Steven Kalonzo’s networth and whether he is corrupt or not.

“You don’t tell who is the person that is not corrupt. Maybe Kalonzo Musyoka. He is a poor guy, corrupt people are rich. They are filthy wealthy. The guy is poor himself. We also know his character as a person. You can say a lot of things about him,” he added.

Asked whether only wealthy people were suitable to take over the leadership of the country, the Wiper deputy party leader dismissed the same while insisting that Kenyans should choose leaders with good track records.

“I did not have a problem with President Uhuru Kenyatta becoming a President in 2013. I was still in ODM and I thought that he would do something on corruption because he has enough and doesn’t need to steal, but the biggest stealing throughout the history of this country has happened during his time,” he said.

At the same time, the former national assembly speaker made it clear that deputy president William Ruto was the leading presidential candidate compared to all the others, insisting that he would win if elections were to be held today.

He further said that selling opposition leader Raila Odinga in the Mt. Kenya region is a waste of time since the region has been against him for many years.

“It is very difficult to sell Raila in Mount Kenya because he has been demonized for years.” He posed.

“The Deputy President is a serious contender for that seat. Right now William Ruto is better placed than anybody else to become the next President of this country,” Maalim claimed.

With regards to rigging the elections, the deputy party leader warned that no monkey business should be played on DP Ruto since that would mark the end of Kenya, adding that it was the Kalenjin community which forced the coalition government in 2007 and not the Luos, Merus, Somalis or Luhyias.

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