“Kenya Hi Hatuwezi Wacha Kwa Wezi Kamwe”- Orengo Slams Ruto

Siaya senator James Orengo has reiterated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sentiments that the leadership of the republic of Kenya cannot be left in the hands of thieves.

While speaking at a local function, James Orengo said that there are leaders who are only determined to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor citizens by amassing wealth.

“Kenya hii hatuwezi wacha kwa wezi kamwe na wameona ya kwamba kitu ambayo inaleta vurugu na kutokuwa na maendeleo ni mabo ya ufisadi na hio najua yule ambayo anaweza kupambana na ufisadi ni Raila Amollo Odinga na chama cha ODM.

The Siaya senator who called for unity amongst Kenyans also urged netizens to register as voters in a bid to participate in the 2022 general elections.

“Tuwe na uzalendo si ukabila. Tuwe na mambo ya kupendana sisi kama watoto wa Mwenyezi Mungu.” Said Orengo.

“Na hiyo nasema wazi kabisa na mwaka ujao ni kama mwezi tisa pekeyake amabo tutakuwa na kiongozi na kiongozi mpya hapa kenya na inataka kila mkenya aamke aende apige kura asubuhi na mapema. Added Orengo.

In the meantime, the Siaya senator recently stated that the uJubilee government led by President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto risks enslaving its citizens if parliament does nothing to correct the tax burden.

According to James Orengo, parliament was the weakest link in tackling over-taxation and ought to be blamed fully for making Kenyans face harsh economic conditions.

The Siaya senator while speaking at the Senate regretted that both the Senate and the National Assembly had greatly failed in their oversight roles, especially on laws touching taxes.

As a result, the vibrant lawyer prophesied that Kenyans would soon turn into slaves if the government does not chip in to rescue the already worsening situation.

“Taxation without representation is equal to tyranny but then again the current over taxation on Kenyans is like slavery. We must get this yoke off the neck of Kenyans,” argued James Orengo.

Besides, the minority leader in the Senate was baffled by the fact that leaders who passed those tax bills were blaming others instead of owning up and taking responsibility for such bills.

“No tax can be levied without the authority of the parliament. No expenditure can be made without parliament. The public is correct in blaming the parliament. It is not a party matter. Anybody who says it is ODM or Jubilee is completely misled and the parliament must take full responsibility. I’m beginning to feel this parliament is becoming one of the weakest in the history of this country,” he posed.

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