Jalang’o reveals source of Sh40M Maybach S600 he was spotted in(video)

Felix Odiwour, better known as Jalang’o has opened up on the source of a Ksh40 million Mercedes Maybach he was spotted in, in a question and answer session with his fans on Monday, April 27.

The Milele FM presenter was the subject of discussion for several days after being spotted driving the high-end car.

Jalang’o seating on his car

Speculation on his wealth and lavish lifestyle arose as he had also been spotted with a Ksh18 million Bentley in 2017.
The emcee disclosed that he did not own the posh cars but only used them for photo sessions which he shared with his fans on his social media pages.

“I really don’t have a new car. The car everybody is talking about is not my car. That is my friend’s car. Most of the cars you see me posing with belong to my friends. I have a few cars but the Mercedes Maybach belongs to a close friend of mine.
“He allowed me to have a ride in it. It is a Maybach S600. I saw a few people wonder whether it is a Mercedes or a Maybach. Mercedes is the family of Maybach. It goes up to Ksh40 million shillings,” Jalang’o revealed.

Jalang'o posing
Jalang’o posing

With over 2 million followers on social media combined, Jalang’o acknowledged the need to keep them engaged.

“I usually take a lot of photos next to my friends’ houses and cars. I share them on Facebook and the Internet,” the emcee disclosed.

He has on many occasions narrated his journey from working for a fish company in Kisumu to being a darling of media audiences.

Jalang'o posing
Jalang’o posing

Jalang’o, has also opened up about a lucrative egg business, where he reportedly makes Ksh1 million per month.

He is also a philanthropist, revealing that he gives back to society by helping the needy and less vulnerable.
“I cannot reveal if I have children. That’s a question which can be answered by my beautiful wife. However, I support many people and I count them as my own,” Jalang’o answered in his Q & A.

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