Diamond Platnumz-Despite our differences with Zari, I still respect her

Diamond Platnumz has responded to his Ugandan baby mama Zari Hassan hours after indirectly accusing him of being a deadbeat father.

The musician, despite a previous attack from the mother of his two children, played cool and announced to the world that he will always value and respect her.

Diamond and Zari in the past
Diamond and Zari in the past

Diamond who made the revelation in an interview on his radio station, Wasafi FM, said he respects the Ugandan socialite because she gave him his first two children, and will always seek peace with her for the sake of peaceful co-parenting.

”I respect her because she gave me my first children and no matter how much we cross, I will always value her. I texted her and told her that there is no need for publicising our issues on social media because it portrays a bad picture. We talked and everyone expressed their issues,” Diamond said.

The singer admitted he was not happy when he saw Zari’s indirect salvo on social media but confirmed he had forgiven her because he understands her.

Diamond and Zari in the past
Diamond and Zari in the past

”You know, when you are in a relationship with children, there is some bitterness. And the bitterness mostly comes from the women because they are the ones left with children. I saw the post and before then we had been talking through our lawyers. But I texted her and told her that she is my co-parent and her respect to me means a lot,” he added.

Diamond’s response came just hours after Zari, through her Instagram status update, called the singer a clown and claimed he was not taking care of his son and daughter.

Diamond and Zari in the past
Diamond and Zari in the past

”But you do not know how your kids eat or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You are selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us.” she wrote. Zari was Diamond’s first baby mama who gave him Tiffah and Nillan. The two kids live with their mother in South Africa where she runs a number of businesses including a beauty school.

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