Is Raila being Set Up In The Covid 19 Scandal


  • KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari Mwangi suspended.

  • ODM top party official, is said to have been the mastermind of the heist

  •  Uhuru ordered that the DCI complete investigations in 21 days.

The past few days have seen high octane politics, high drama at the Senate Committee and never seen before confessions around the Covid 19 heist.

However, as the dust slowly settles, it is becoming clear that a major set up has taken place. Analysts say that Raila and several of his close associates were led into the lucrative deals that were secretly awarded between April and July this year.

Suspended KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari Mwangi went off the normal Secrecy protocols when he openly told a Senate Public Accounts Committee meeting that he got orders from CS Mutahi Kagwe and PS Susan Mochache.

From the documents seen by SonkoNews, and whose contents are still being verified, it appears that several high ranking ODM members, both at the Party Secretariat and in Parliamentary leadership are deeply involved .


A top party official, who also holds a senior Parliamentary position is said to have been the mastermind of the heist. He introduced a lawyer that has been working in Raila’s office. The lawyer then introduced a top Female Politician from Homa Bay and two key associates of Ida Odinga in the deals.

The six -million dollar question is why? Why was Raila and his ODM top command led into the trap?

A well-placed source tells Sonko News that such tactics called “Lure and Entrap” were used by the Russian Secret Service when about to enter political negotiations. These are tactics that Putin put into use to extend his term in office.

He identified several potential threats and lured each of them by giving them lucrative contracts.  The contracts were often shady and had the potential of having the participants a long term in prison.

So, when the time for negotiations comes, there is very little resistance.

It is interesting that after ODM and Raila called for the Audit that would have taken 6 months to complete, President Uhuru overruled them and ordered that the DCI complete investigations in 21 days.

As he made that decree, President Uhuru then announced that the referendum push is on, and changes are going to be made in the katiba.

This double announcement may signal that President Uhuru wants things to move at his pace and desire, and not even Raila can come in.

Should Raila and ODM try to resist, the Covid 19 Files will be brought, and they are taken to jail.

So, the negotiations will start with Raila having the baggage of the Covid 19 theft. This will put him at a major disadvantage and he will accept whatever is thrown at him…..

It is called Lure and Entrap

And that is how the game is being played.

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